June 24, 2020

Four Pieces of Furniture to Invest in Right Now

As lockdown restrictions begin to ease in South Africa, slowly but surely society seems to be coming back to life. While not everyone has the budget to splurge at the moment, if you are looking to update your home, it’s worth looking at investing in a few key pieces that will stand the test of time.

Whether you want to upgrade a few items because you plan to resurrect your home’s Airbnb status, or whether it’s simply for your own pleasure, here are four pieces of furniture that are worth the spend.

The Rug
Never underestimate a rug. These soft furnishings are often overlooked by the layman home decorator, but they are fantastic accessories for any space. Rugs strike that perfect balance between luxury and homeliness – their texture adds warmth and cosiness to a room, while their quality and style add class. They can also really help tie a space together. Got an area that seems a bit empty or bland? Purchase a rug with a striking pattern to make a statement and enhance the area’s attractiveness.
Rugs come in many beautiful colours and patterns, and it’s easy to find one that’s the perfect size and look for your needs. Browse Gonsenhausers Fine Rugs or U&G Fabrics for rugs that add that extra dash of comfort and lavishness to your home.

The Couch
A new couch can do wonders for the home, and these days there’s no reason to sacrifice comfort for aesthetics! Find a couch that’s not only comfortable for people to sit on, but which also elevates the look of the room. Earth tones like ivory, taupe, stone, mocha, charcoal or olive can mellow out an otherwise intense-looking space. Stronger colours, such as citrus tones or pure hues can add wow factor and lift a neutral palette. If you’re looking to add lux, consider gem tones like emerald, topaz, amethyst or ruby, with a glorious velvet finish. Visit Coricraft for some sumptuous options.

The Cabinet
Cabinets are an excellent option if you’re looking to update a room and save space. You can get them designed to your exact size specs and pretty much choose any finishing you like. Cabinets also up the value of a home, as they not only improve the aesthetic but increase permanent storage capacity as well. Take a considered look at your bathroom, bedroom or kitchen, and assess how much additional space you need and where you’d like the cabinets to go for ease of access. Consult a professional service, like Fields Family Cupboards to assist with the design and the build of the cabinets, so that they are done properly.

If you’re in a smaller space or renting, why not look at having a chest of drawers made, or purchase one from a vintage market? If necessary, you can sand and repaint it – there’s nothing like owning a piece of furniture that’s perfectly you!

The Wild Card
Every home needs a character piece that adds personality and shows off your uniqueness. This can be a striking piece of furniture or a bespoke accessory. Your first step is to decide exactly what it is the area still needs – is it a mirror, a pedestal, lighting, or a touch of nature? Then go on the hunt for something that really resonates with you and the space you are working with; something that tells a story. A mirror may come in a crescent moon-shape, or with a gilded frame straight out of the 70s! A lamp may have an origami lampshade or come on a chic tripod. An ordinary plant in an exotic pot will get everyone talking. Looking for inspiration? Visit Spitfire Home Furnishing, Maxim Décor and Lighting or Plantr for some serious eye candy.

We hope you enjoyed this post! Have you updated your home recently? Share your before and after pics with us!