June 24, 2020

Remote Working? Three Budget Ways to Update Your Home Office

For many of us in SA, lockdown caught us somewhat off-guard. We were suddenly plunged into a reality of working from home, while not being quite fully prepared to do so! With all the DIY and home décor stores closed until very recently, many of us did our 9-5 on the couch, at the kitchen table or wrapped up in duvets on the bed!

We’re very excited that restrictions are easing, but a lot of people won’t be returning to the office just yet. If that’s you and you need some help making your home office a little more…er…officey, then keep reading.

Here are our top three tips for updating your home office on a budget.

It can be frustrating to work in a space that is shared between your day-job and your leisure time. The best thing to do no matter how big or small your home office is, is to make sure everything has its place.

  • Install floating shelves so that books, stationery, and the odd gadget are out of the way when you don’t need them.
  • Use as many wireless devices as possible. Ensure that any cables you do have all meet behind your desk and against a wall so that they’re not in your way and not a tripping hazard for the rest of the family. Cable ties are super handy! Use them to bind all the cables loosely so that they don’t cascade all over the place.
  • Remove clunky equipment from your desk. Most remote workers find that they are constantly competing for space at a small make-shift desk. Get rid of the overbearing desk lamp and opt for a floor lamp that lights the whole space better. You’ll have more room and your eyes will thank you. Maxim Décor and Lighting has some chic varietals.
    You can also combine your devices to do everything you need, so instead of having a printer, a scanner and a desk phone, get a device that does all three for you. Put it somewhere else in the house so that it’s not taking up desk space; plus, you’ll get all your steps in from walking to and from the printer during the day!

When it comes to your home office, sprucing it up with something nice to look at is a quick win. There are lots of little things you can do, depending on your budget.

  • Add an indoor pot plant to a corner or a small succulent to your desk for a spot of delightful greenery.
  • Find a photo or design that you really love and get it printed for the wall nearest your workspace. When you’re needing a pick-me-up or some inspiration, it’ll be right there when you need it. Xpress Brands can help you out with the perfect print for your size wall.
  • A rug is a lovely way to improve the attractiveness of a space while adding warmth and comfort. Source one that is the right size, and which suits your work area’s style. Airloom has scrumptious rug options, as well as some other fetching soft furnishings you may like.

Clear out the area by repurposing or tossing anything that you aren’t using. Trust me, that extra mouse and keyboard that have been collecting dust for the last three years are not going to miss you! Why not consider repurposing working items to schools or educational outreaches that need them? You’ll have loads more space and you’ll feel great about giving back. Once you start doing this you may feel the need to do the same in other areas of your home. This is a great idea as there is a marvellous sense of accomplishment that comes from decluttering, and you will probably feel better about your whole home, not just your office space.

We hope you enjoyed this post! Let us know how you are updating your home office!