March 2, 2020

How to Feng Shui Your Apartment

For over three thousand years, the Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui has continued to captivate academics, decorators and homemakers alike. Essentially, Feng Shui is underpinned by the belief that we can stimulate the flow of energy forces around us in order to help us harmonise with our surrounding environment.

In the ‘70s, traditional Feng Shui was given a contemporary slant, and is now based on the psychology that you can attract certain positive elements into your life, or achieve goals, by arranging how the energy flows through the spaces you occupy the most; significantly, your home or office space.

While there is a considerable amount to learn about this fascinating approach to bettering your life, here are 5 quick tips to Feng Shui your apartment.

  1. The Mouth of Chi. The front or main door of a home represents the mouth of chi, or the entry way for all the good energy to flow into your home. Create a clear path by keeping doorways uncluttered and unhindered by other furniture.
  2. Place all your focal furniture, like your bed, couch or desk, in the “command” position. This means setting it so that you can see the door. This allows you to be the commander of your own energy, and also removes any hypervigilance from not being able to see the entryway. However, as there are no straight lines in nature, the theory is that energy can be harmful to the self if forced to go in straight lines towards the body, so the best set-up is a diagonal one, where you can see the entryway but are not directly in line with it.
  3. In traditional Feng Shui, the direction the room faces determines the elements it relates to, and therefore the colours you should use to “invite” them in.

    East-facing rooms correspond with the wood element (inspiration, creativity, motivation) and should be painted in forest shades of green and brown.

    West-facing areas correspond with metal (focus, intelligence, clarity), so greys, silvers and whites are important here. The metal element draws and unifies all elements, acting as a conductor and sending the energies to the different areas.

    North-facing rooms invite water energy (money, career, calm, release), so blues and blacks can be used.

    South-facing rooms correspond with fire (power, passion transformation), so in these spaces be sure to include hues of red, orange or pink.

    Earth tones, like soft yellows, terracotta and other neutral shades can be used in north-westerly spaces, or in areas where strong colour is not possible.

    Visit Paintsmiths if you need assistance choosing just the right shade.

  4. Plants are beneficial in so many different ways! Not only are they lovely to nurture, but in Feng Shui they are really significant. They help balance electronic energy, purify the air and symbolise the power and beauty of nature. They also invite the wood element in and enhance growth. Place them in corners or areas where there is stagnant energy, like on top of cabinets or bookshelves. Chat to the team at Plantr about the type of plant that would be perfect for your space.
  5. Most of us know that mirrors expand space, and in Feng Shui, mirrors also bring the water element in. They are a great win for smaller homes where space is limited. Put them up in areas where they can catch the light or reflect something beautiful. Need a mirror? Visit Coricraft here in Woodstock for a variety of options to suit your home.

If you’re reading this and you’re a little unsure about this energy stuff, here are five super practical tips to create a space that nourishes your senses (‘cuz we can all get down with that, right?)

  • Include artwork that you love to look at. Put it slightly higher than the eyeline, as this has shown to uplift mood and posture.
  • Add a comforting scent. Whether you use diffusers or stick a bag of Stasoft behind a pillow, bringing in a scent that you enjoy will not only lift the mood in a room, but it will also remind you of home anytime you smell it.
  • Furnish with texture. Invest in a throw that’s divine to touch, place a rug in chilly room or get linen cushions that bring balance to the room. For a rug customized to your space, visit Airloom, or pop into Bartlett and Dunster Fabrics to view some luxurious home fabric options.
  • Remove as much electronic energy from the bedroom as possible. Electronics constantly emit an Electromagnetic Field (EMF), which can be disruptive to sleep. Remove as much of this as possible and rather keep them in the lounge or office. It’s all about eliminating as much of the “silent noise” as possible. You may even need to remove your mobile phone and get a good old-fashioned alarm clock instead!
  • Add an object of beauty. You may have an armoire you inherited, or perhaps you have a vase or ornament you brought back from overseas travels. Place this in an area where you can see it often and let it bring you joy.

We hope you found this article useful! May your home be the comfiest, calmest, most lovely place for you.