January 17, 2020

Interior Design Trends: What’s Hot in 2020

The New Year is synonymous with fresh starts, makeovers and transformation. While many of us may have already defaulted on our shiny, new resolutions, there is one change you can make that is sure to stick and bring heaps of rewards for years to come. Updating your home or work area is a fun, long-lasting way of reviving the spaces that you spend most of your time.

For those of you seeking some inspiration, look no further – here’s what’s hot in interior design for 2020.

Timeless classics

After decades of modernity, the ‘20s will see a return to the, uh, 20s! The 1920s, that is. Think beautifully upholstered sofas that you can sink your butt into, teamed with heavy drapes, a stylish earth-tone carpet, and an antique window or piano seat. A large mirror with a wooden frame adds an extra touch of class and can make a smaller room seem bigger. Classic interiors are all about elegance and comfort, and it’s striking a balance between the two that is most of the work. Find a classical piece that is a great focal point, like an alluring Chesterfield, and build the room around it. While some may prefer a gentler palette for this style, velvet (yes, velvet!) is also making a resurgence, so consider a luxurious velvet sofa in a gem-stone hue, such as emerald, topaz, ruby or citrine, for a little WOW-factor! Find inspiration by visiting Spitfire Furniture or Coricraft for ideas.

Bold, playful bathrooms

A lot of people ignore their bathrooms when planning a home or office makeover, but it’s a great opportunity to really get creative with a space that everyone will see. There are many ways to update your throne room, no matter your budget. Add a bold frame to your mirror, repaint an old cabinet to give it some personality, or do a complete wash of all the walls in a new colour for a totally fresh look. Don’t be afraid to go for a pattern on the floor or even a mosaic in the shower. To really kick up the volume, add wallpaper or tile stickers that have a design you love. There are so many options to choose from, and if you’re a little hesitant about the commitment, get the peel-off, removable kind for ease of mind. No matter what you decide to do to your bathroom, one of our amazing stores is bound to have what you need. Visit Whitehouse for gorgeous bathroom accessories, or Paintsmiths if you’re thinking of revamping with colour.

Multi-functional work/home spaces

If you work from home, run your own business or moonlight in any capacity, chances are that you need a space that works for both your professional and leisure needs. Choose furniture that works for the whole area and invest in some decent storage options so that you can pack away what you need to when guests arrive, or if you want work collateral out-of-sight! If you’re in a smaller home, consider getting a modular desk that collapses when you need a little extra space, and if you have a serviceable corner somewhere, build your home-office into it so that it feels a little more out of the way and like it’s its own room.

Hang artwork you like above your desk. Get your fingers dirty and make your own if you’re feeling inspired, or you visit SMAC Art Gallery for an esteemed purchase. To create some storage space, install a floating cupboard or some shelves and add your favourite books and photos to them. Fields Family Cupboards can help you with that. Whatever you decide to do, a beautiful, real plant is a must! It will bring life to the space and give you something to nurture – great for stimulating creativity. Plantr has fantastic, stylish options. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through – this is your space after all!

There as so many amazing trends for this year, and these are just our top three. If you need advice on what to do with your space, pop into any one of our décor stores and they would love to help you!

Happy decorating!